Fixed/Indexed Annuities


 Here at Tan-Jent Insurance we pride ouselves on being as transparent as possible to that end we felt it prudent for everyone   to understand just what an Annuitity really is!


 So what is an Annuity Any Way?


 An Annuity is a contact between investor and insurance company.


 There are Variable Annuities, which we do not offer and then there are Fixed and or Indexed Annuities which we do.   Further there are Qualified and Non-Qualified Deposits, with Qualified deposits coming from 401K's, IRA's and other

 retirement type accounts.  A Non-Qualified deposit may come from something like a big commission check or an Inheritance.


 The most important fact of a Fixed and or Indexed Annuity is that this product is a SAFE BET and provides a Crash Proof   Retirement Vehicle as the owner can not lose their principal investment, a down side is that because the principal is   gauranteed, the return or earnings maybe conservative.  For those who have some monies that would perhaps go into a CD,   the guaranteed principal protection and guaranteed minimum return of a Fixed Annuity may be a better choice of product as   the guaranteed minimum rate of return is higher than that of a CD.




 How can an Annuity Help Me and My Family?


 A Fixed and or Indexed Annuity can and will protect your principal investment and may even guarantee earnings depending   upon the product chosen.  The Annuity can even delay taxation principal and or growth as well, while possibly providing a

 Life income stream for the owner and period certain for beneficiaries if the appropriate rider is utilized. 


 Because of these guarantees there will most likely be a CAP in terms of growth over a month, year and or years.  Each   product comes with a Surrender Period and or Term, such as 4, 5,6,7 and or 10 years. 


 All Fixed and or Indexed Annuities can be completely surrendered after the age of 59 1/2 with out penalty.  Many   products allow for up to a 10% annuall withdrawal without penalty as well, check each policy for the details.


 An Annuity can even protect your estate against law suites as well, adding an extra layer of security for you and your family.


 For more details and or to get a quote just give us a call or go to our contact page and submit the form and we will   speak with you as soon as possible.



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